Monday, September 16, 2013

A Quick Look at My GameStation

AKA Where I Save The World From Evil 

I took a quick pic the other day to post in a thread about gaming setups on a forum I frequent for gamer gals.  It didn't take long to see that each setup said a lot about the chic who gamed there.  The girls who posted a lot about nail polish or makeup often had polish and lip gloss on their desk.  Some were tidy, some were messy.  Some had neat ways to organize their games.  Some areas were tiny and smooched into whatever corner they could carve out for gaming, but others were rooms dedicated to the hobby. 

Anakin Playing Games with Me!
I had all my junk out for doing my manicure.
 I move quite often (seven times in the last thirteen years, five in the last six), so I don't always spend the time or money to spiff up my gaming area the way I'd like; I keep it useful, organized, and easy to pack.  I was lucky enough to have a nice area in my last house and a whole room in this one for my gaming. I have the main wall for my collectibles rolling shelf (pictured here with a black lace shower curtain hanging from S-hooks to keep everything from getting dusty), my main gaming desk, and a small filing cabinet that I've had since I was in elementary school- hence the stickers...look close, you might recognize some!  I've added a few over the years; it's just a quirky way to remember my childhood!

I didn't take a pic of how I have the rest of the room right now, but here is one from my last place.  It's similar now.  I moved my leopard geckos to the pet room and ended up using one entire case for just Xbox 360 games.  So now to the right of my desk is a wall of these half-size bookshelves with my games in groups by console and in alphabetical order.  I also have some notebooks, pens, and PC software on them.  On top of the bookshelves is a Yankee Candle "Man Town" and over each is a framed poster- the two-sided pre-order poster that came with Black Ops II.  I had pre-ordered a copy for myself and one for my husband, so I framed them both so I could see each side. There's also a lamp and a few fancy boxes for little loose things like game authenticators, extra cell phone cases, and USB drives. 

The wall to the left of the desk is a wall of windows looking out at the adjacent pond and hillside of cows.  I keep the outer two covered with silvery drapes and the inner two tied back with simple satiny black bows.  This pic was taken in April 2013.  I keep an ottoman under the window and Ani likes to lay there and look outside.  Sometimes he wants to be right with me and to keep him from being in the way, I'll pull the ottoman beside me and let him lay there. 

Behind me is the office space where I have an old desk, the wireless printer, a cabinet for my mags, an oscillating fan (because I tend to get too warm when I am playing intense matches!), and a closet for out of use gaming equipment and the boxes that everything came in (to make packing easier and keep everything protected, I keep most of the boxes).  Hubby usually works on his laptop and household paperwork there.

So there is a quick look at my headquarters for Saving The World from Evil!