I wanted to share with you the reason why I write this blog and why I think you should read it.

I am just a housewife who has a lot of hobbies and gaming is one of the ones I spend the most time on and I have enjoyed my whole life.  I think I bring a unique perspective to my comments on the gaming industry not only because I am a woman, and women tend to not be well-represented in this industry, but because I am an average user as well. I am not an ultra-feminist blogger who thinks she's the only woman who games and I don't tout being the best gamer, or the most hardcore fan of any one game, console, or component.  I am just an avid enjoyer and I think most of you can relate to little, ol' me :)

I'm not going to fill your eye-holes with insider jokes or you-have-to-buy-this blurbs.  I am not sponsored by any brand, and I am not paid to tell you my opinions.  Any items I review are items I purchased with my (husband's) money and are items I have actually owned or borrowed.  Any opinions I have are my own and in this consumer-filled world, I think it's helpful to be able to read about other people's experiences to make the best purchasing decisions.

I also just want to share a hobby I am passionate about. I hope you enjoy!