Friday, April 11, 2014

Webseries 'Azeroth Choppers' Motorcycle Showdown

A new web-series called Azeroth Choppers starts April 17, 2014 and will pit 'The World of Warcraft' Alliance against the Horde in a motorcycle build-off.

From the Azeroth Choppers site:
Grab a front-row seat for the ultimate road showdown! Legendary custom motorcycle designer Paul Jr. has assembled two handpicked teams of bike experts to bring to life a pair of asphalt-kicking chopper designs inspired by World of Warcraft®’s two warring factions. Joining each crew on their epic quest are members of the World of Warcraft development team, on board to help to infuse the essence of the Horde and the Alliance into each bike. In the end, only one chopper will reign supreme as the undisputed king of Azeroth’s roads in a winner-takes-all showdown voted on by World of Warcraft players around the globe.

Team Alliance is led by Blizzard's chief storyteller, Chris Metzen; aided by Terran Gregory, a legendary WoW lore enthusiast and associate project director; and Monte Krol who is a writer, voice actor, and lead software engineer for WoW.

Team Horde is led by Sam Didier, who has filled various roles at Blizzard for over a decade; joined by Gary Platner, a lead environment artist for WoW; and Jason Hutchins, a senior game producer.

World of Warcraft players will get to watch as the builds unfold and vote on their favorite bike.