Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Free Game Alert: Mount & Blade

Mount & Blade PC Game free limited time on GoG

Mount & Blade is free on (Good Old Games) as a promo for their current 2014 DRM-Free Big Fall Sale.  

But be quick, it's only available for a limited time!  There's about 40 hours left on the clock as of this post.  They will be having lots of daily specials, though, so if you miss this deal, you might catch another great price on a game that's been on your wishlist.

GoG is a great place to stock up on PC games from the good ol' days of gaming and even current titles. 

Friday, November 7, 2014

Free Game Alert: Metro 2033

Metro 2033. The Humble Store

The Humble Store, home of The Humble Bundle, is giving away a free Steam key of Metro 2033 on their site to celebrate the site's first birthday.  There are lots of other deals, so be sure to pick out a few favorites at a deep discount and feel good about it!  10% of every purchase goes to charities which are disclosed on the site.

  You'll receive the Steam key redemption instruction via email.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Getting started on Twitch TV in 8 steps

I've been aware of Twitch TV since it's inception but because of my limited data issue where I live, I wasn't really able to watch or broadcast.  Now that my data has been expanded I am able to play WoW again and I considered broadcasting via Twitch as a fun accompaniment to my questing blog.

I started the blog, The Questing Adventurer's Questing Log,  as a space to journal my gaming adventures.  I'd often get absorbed in a game, take a break, and then have trouble figuring out what I was working on quest-wise or story-wise when I returned weeks, or even years, later.  I thought a blog would be a perfect solution and I'd have fun while giving my writing another opportunity to grow.

But how to get started broadcasting?
(Don't want to read all my wordy-words? Handy links at the bottom!)

Getting started with Twitch tutorial

1.  First I visited my Twitch TV PROFILE.

2.  Changed my profile BANNER from the default Twitch logo to a recommended 900x480px image more my style.

3.  Filled out my Profile BIO.

 4.  Went into my SETTINGS to add a profile pic and to change the capitalization on my display name.  I made a 16:9 video player banner, and selected other options I thought were appropriate for my channel.
Offline announcement banner for Twitch TV
Here's my OFFLINE banner
5.  Visited THIS TWITCH HELP PAGE to read about how to broadcast.

6.  Watched THIS short RAPTR VIDEO to clarify the process of broadcasting via Raptr (which I will be doing but there are other broadcasting software available.

7.  Started playing WoW, opened my Raptr app with CTRL+TAB, opened settings, entered my Twitch info to link my acct., clicked the Twitch button, entered a video name, clicked START STREAMING.

8.  When I was finished with a short session. I clicked the Twitch button in my Raptr app again and selected STOP STREAMING.

After watching the....glory(?) that was my first archived Twitch feed, I wrote this stellar tutorial. Ok, really it was my second attempt, but the first was only a few seconds because I didn't think the stream had started so I ended it early.

The quality is pretty horrible but I'm not going to be quick to blame Raptr's AMD Gaming Evolved broadcasting.  I am doing the internetz on AT&T 4G because I live in the mountains and that's the best we get here. Sooo, it's probably just this redneck internet connection. 

Useful links all in one place: