Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Darkness II (Surprise!) Limited Edition

     I get the Best Buy "Deal of the Day" emails and it is usually nothing I am interested in: off brand tv's, weird gadget-y "dad" things, but last week was a gem I am glad I didn't gloss over and deposit into my email trash bin.

     The Darkness II new for the Xbox 360 for $11.00 with free shipping!  

The regular price right now is $40.  I hadn't heard much about the title but how bad could it be?  It got an 8 on IGN- good enough for me for $11.  It just arrived and I was confused but pleased to see that
Best Buy shipped me the Pre-Order ONLY Limited Edition version! 
 I haven't played yet as I am in the middle of completing Gears of War 2 campaign, but I should finish that this week so the plan is to play The Darkness II next week.

Have you gotten any good deals on games lately? What's your favorite outlet to get good game sales?